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Sauna EGO Bilbao is an exclusively gay, funny and innovative place, for all who, with the utmost respect for other users, intended to enjoy this space. Not be allowed entry to those people whose behavior could be conflicting, they are under the influence of alcohol or any psychotropic or intending to pursue or encourage prostitution substance. Thanks for making yours our philosophy of respect and common fun!

Sauna EGO Bilbao is a space for uninhibited guys who want to meet other kids and have fun in a healthy and healthily, in a liberal environment and without prejudice.

MONDAY to THURSDAY 15:00h to 22:00h FRIDAY 15:00h to 9:00h (Saturday) SATURDAY 15:00h to 22:00h (Sunday)
Eves always open until 9:00 am

Prueba rápida de VIH y sífilis – Bizkaisida – INFÓRMATE!

Prueba rápida de VIH y sífilis – Bizkaisida – INFÓRMATE!